The Big Kent Quiz: 100 pub quiz questions

PUBLISHED: 13:10 20 May 2020 | UPDATED: 13:10 20 May 2020

The oldest-known horse fossil was found here - but where is this? (photo: Manu Palomeque)

The oldest-known horse fossil was found here - but where is this? (photo: Manu Palomeque)

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Test your knowledge of Kent with our bumper sized 100 question quiz with a distinctly Kentish theme

1. Which famous Native American princess was buried in Gravesend?

2. On the county’s coat of arms what are depicted on either side of the white horse of Kent?

3. Which famous comedy duo opened The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway?

4. Which Gothic-looking pub in Pluckley, near Ashford, was a former hunting lodge?

5. Which musician lives near Rochester with the neighbouring barn used as a wedding venue?

6. In which town are Middle Row, St George’s Square and Victoria Park?

7. What is the name of the bridge that forms the southbound lane of the Dartford Crossing?

Where is this statue and who is she? (Photo: Manu Palomeque)Where is this statue and who is she? (Photo: Manu Palomeque)

8. Which town was famous for its explosives industry and had a gunpowder plant established around 1573?

9. Kent is the proud supplier of strawberries for which (sadly now cancelled) sporting event?

10. What is the origin of the name Hythe?

11. During the English Civil War, what battle took place in 1648?

12. What hit Canterbury in 1348?

13. Which town’s main shopping streets are the High Street, Biggin Street, Market Square, Cannon Street, Pencester Road and Castle Street?

14. Which famous female pop singer was born in Bexleyheath in 1958?

You'll find this in Britain's smallest town - but what is the name of that town?You'll find this in Britain's smallest town - but what is the name of that town?

15. What river flows through Dover?

16. What is the smallest town in Britain?

17. In Kentish dialect what does ‘haffy-graffy’ mean?

18. Where was the Sharp’s Toffee Factory until 1998?

19. In which parliamentary constituency is Queenborough?

20. Which two famous rock stars were both born in Dartford in 1943?

21. What nickname is famously given to Kent for her growing of fruit?

Henry VIII was 'ere - but what's the name of this castle?Henry VIII was 'ere - but what's the name of this castle?

22. Where was the oldest-known horse fossil found?

23. By what collective term are Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham and Stroud known?

24. In which town is Mote Park the largest park?

25. What was the Roman name for Rochester?

26. Which seaside town is famous for its native oysters?

27. What is the name of the sixth to eighth century kingdom of Kent?

28. Where would you find the Royal Terrace Pier and The Clock Tower at the top of Harmer Street?

What's the name of this park and where can you find it?What's the name of this park and where can you find it?

29. During World War One the Short Brothers’ aircraft manufacturing company developed the first plane to launch a torpedo in which town?

30. How many oak trees of varying ages line The Vine in Sevenoaks?

31. Where can you find the Royal Victoria Place shopping centre?

32. Which punk rock star grew up in Tunbridge Wells attending Sandown Court School, now The Skinners’ Kent Academy?

33. Where is The Royal Albion Hotel?

34. When was the Channel Tunnel completed?

35. What are the University of Greenwich and Canterbury Christ Church University known collectively as?

Which town in Kent is home to this iconic windmill?Which town in Kent is home to this iconic windmill?

36. What is the St Lawrence Ground in Canterbury famous for?

37. In which town is the former Providence Baptist Chapel, the Union Mill and St Dunstan’s Parish Church?

38. Who ran unsuccessfully to be MP of Dartford in 1950 and 1951?

39. Which shipwrecking long sandbank lies six miles off the Deal coast?

40. In Kentish dialect what is a ‘yokelet’?

41. What is the name of the pub that began in 1420 in Biddenden?

42. In which town have paper mills, stone quarrying, brewing and the cloth industry all flourished?

Who is this and which Kent village is she a proud resident of?Who is this and which Kent village is she a proud resident of?

43. From where did the famous gypsy tart originate?

44. What is the name of Canterbury’s first newspaper founded in 1717?

45. Which retired middle-distance athlete comes from Hildenborough?

46. To what are Wateringbury Stream, East Malling Stream and the river Grom minor tributaries?

47. In which town is the Medway Little Theatre on St Margaret’s Banks Street opposite a former railway station?

48. In 1963 a viaduct over the river Medway was built south of Rochester to carry the first section of what?

49. In which town is the gatehouse of Henry VIII’s Royal Manor?

What's the name of the famous homeassociated with the Nicholson family?What's the name of the famous homeassociated with the Nicholson family?

50. In 1914 the first white line road markings were painted on the London to Folkestone road in which town?

51. What is the Roman name for Canterbury?

52. Which town is six miles downstream from where the river Medway is joined by the rivers Teise and Beult?

53. Which famous surname follows the Christian names Joseph Mallord William?

54. Who are still based at Brompton Barracks in Chatham?

55. Which singer-songwriter was born in Bromley in 1991 and had three number one songs, including Boys and Girls and All About Tonight?

56. With which famous home do you associate the Nicolson family?

Which famous general was born here?Which famous general was born here?

57. Which famous general was born at Quebec House?

58. What is the collective name for the series of historic coastal towns in Kent, Sussex and Essex?

59. With which famous home do you associate the Sackville-West family?

60. What is the name of the pub in Hollingbourne near Maidstone that was a monk’s alehouse in the 11th century?

61. In which town is the Stour Centre, which provides a range of recreational and leisure services?

62. What is the name of Sir Winston Churchill’s country house near Westerham?

63. Where would you find the Sikh Guru Nanak Temple?

Who is Canterbury's theatre named after?Who is Canterbury's theatre named after?

64. Who is Canterbury’s theatre and concert hall named after?

65. Which Roman road connected the Kentish ports?

66. In Kentish dialect what is a ‘tatterdemalion’?

67. In which town would you find The Pantiles and Calverley Crescent?

68. Since 1980 which town has seen the revival of the historic Jack-in-the-Green May Day dancing chimney sweeps tradition?

69. Born in Northern Ireland, which TV personality moved to Sevenoaks more than 30 years ago?

70. Who famously owned Gads Hill Place near Rochester?

71. Where are the World Custard Pie Throwing Championships held?

72. Where would you find Maison Dieu, Pines Garden and Samphire Hoe?

73. The M2 motorway finishes at what junction number?

74. Elements of two houses in Rochester, Satis House and Restoration House, are used for whose house in Great Expectations?

75. In Kentish dialect what is an ‘alleycumfee’?

76. In Saxon times which settlement was known as Cyningburh or King’s Borough?

77. Which town’s theatres include the Hazlitt, the River Stage; the Exchange Studio and the Hermitage Millennium Amphitheatre?

78. In which town is the Weald Warriors Rugby League team based?

79. Which famous rock star attended Bromley Technical High School in his youth and lived in Maidstone during the early 1960s?

80. In which town was the Sir John Hawkins Flyover demolished in 2009?

81. What is the symbol of the Jutish Kingdom of Kent, dating from the 6th–8th century?

82. Which castle did Henry VIII transform in 1519 for his wife Catherine of Aragon?

83. Where would you find ‘Christchurch Gate’ and ‘Butchery Lane’?

84. Which famous painting by the artist Turner was inspired by a journey back from a dirty jaunt to Margate?

85. In Kentish dialect what is a ‘bishop’s finger’?

86. Fort Delce and Fort Clarence were both built in Rochester to defend against which foreign enemy?

87. How many ‘Market Towns’ are there in Kent?

88. Who lived in Chatham as a boy, both in ‘The Brook, Chatham’ and in Ordnance Terrace?

89. Where can you enjoy trampolining at the Jumpers Rebound Centre?

90. Of which fruit is Kent a variety?

91. The River Medway empties into the Thames Estuary near which town?

92. Who allegedly disembarked at Worth on St. Crispin’s Day and fell in love with a local ‘ale-wife’?

93. In which parish are Ightham, Shipbourne and Stansted?

94. What starts west of Strood, Kent at Three Crutches?

95. Which former rock star and campaigner lives in Faversham and made headlines in 2015 for offering to let three refugee families stay at his Kent home?

96. In which town is the Monson Swimming Club?

97. In Kentish dialect what are ‘drunkards’?

98. In which town would you find King Street, Gabriels Hill and the Thomas Wyatt Hotel?

99. Where did the new Huguenot Museum open in 2015?

100. What links the St Lawrence Ground in Canterbury with the City Oval in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa?



1 Pocahontas; 2 Sea lions; 3 Laurel and Hardy; 4 The Dering Arms; 5 Jools Holland; 6 Ashford; 7 The Queen Elizabeth 2nd Bridge; 8 Faversham; 9 Wimbledon; 10 Haven or landing place; 11 The Battle of Maidstone; 12 The Black Death; 13 Dover; 14 Kate Bush; 15 The river Dour; 16 Fordwich; 17 Almost, near enough; 18 Maidstone; 19 Sittingbourne and Sheppey constituency; 20 Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards; 21 The Garden of England; 22 Herne Bay; 23 The Medway Towns; 24 Maidstone; 25 Durobrivae; 26 Whitstable; 27 The Jutish Kingdom of Kent; 28 Gravesend; 29 Rochester; 30 Eight; 31 Royal Tunbridge Wells; 32 Sid Vicious; 33 Broadstairs; 34 1994; 35 The Universities at Medway; 36 It’s the home of Kent County Cricket Club; 37 Cranbrook; 38 Margaret Thatcher; 39 Goodwin Sands; 40 A small farm or manor; 41 The Three Chimneys; 42 Maidstone; 43 The Isle of Sheppey; 44 The Kentish Post; 45 Dame Kelly Holmes; 46 The River Medway; 47 Rochester; 48 The M2 motorway; 49 Dartford; 50 Ashford; 51 Durovernum; 52 Maidstone; 53 The artist Turner; 54 The Corps of Royal Engineers; 55 Pixie Lott; 56 Sissinghurst Castle; 57 General James Wolfe; 58 The Cinque Ports; 59 Knole House; 60 The Dirty Habit; 61 Ashford; 62 Chartwell; 63 Gravesend; 64 Christopher Marlowe; 65 Watling Street; 66 A scarecrow or a ragged man in tattered clothes; 67 Tunbridge Wells; 68 Rochester; 69 Gloria Hunniford; 70 Charles Dickens; 71 The village of Coxheath; 72 Dover; 73 Junction 7; 74 Miss Havisham; 75 A non-existent place; 76 Queenborough; 77 Maidstone; 78 Tunbridge Wells; 79 David Bowie; 80 Chatham; 81 The White Horse of Kent; 82 Leeds Castle; 83 Canterbury; 84 The Fighting Temeraire; 85 A signpost with one pointed arm, supposedly named because it points the right way; 86 France; 87 Twenty three; 88 Charles Dickens; 89 Gillingham; 90 The apple; 91 Sheerness; 92 Henry v; 93 Wrotham; 94 M2 motorway; 95 Sir Bob Geldof; 96 Tunbridge Wells; 97 The outside poles of a hop garden that lean; 98 Maidstone; 99 Rochester; 100 The two grounds used regularly for first-class cricket that have a tree within its boundary

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