BBC Radio Kent broadcaster and producer Andy Garland gets all romantic

PUBLISHED: 08:32 30 January 2013 | UPDATED: 22:40 20 February 2013

BBC Radio Kent broadcaster and producer Andy Garland gets all romantic

BBC Radio Kent broadcaster and producer Andy Garland gets all romantic

Why we should all learn to express our feelings of love every day, not just on one day a year

On the MIC

BBC Radio Kent broadcaster and producer Andy Garland on why we should all learn to express our feelings of love every day, not just on one day a year

Im feeling the love

Ummhow to begin this month? All you need is lovenah, too 1960s. Cant get enough of your love babe? Hmmm, way too Barry White, how about I just called to say I love you? Im thinking too schmaltzy for this readership.

Is this love? Too much room for doubt and all the above riven if not with musical clich then with the hideous memory of rejection at the youth club disco. So what to say about love in this month of hearts, roses, teddy bears and boxes of chocolates bought at the local garage?

Look at the person you love, maybe theyre sitting opposite you on the sofa watching TV as youre curled up reading Kent Life. Why arent they sat beside you? When did over there become a better option than next to you? When was the last time you both paused the daily treadmill and stepped off even for the briefest of moments to do something you both really enjoy together?

February is the month that makes even us men mumble those excruciating difficult and loaded words I love you. Theyre only excruciating and difficult because we dont use them enough, for just like riding a bike the more you say them, the easier it becomesI love you. I Love You. I LOVE YOU!!!!

See there easy wasnt it? But are we talking about the same sort of love? The heady first flush of love between two people whove just begun their life together; or the overwhelming rush of love for your children that would see you put your life before theirs?

Is it the steady unflinching love of a couple grounded enough to have ridden out good times and bad? Or the casual love that binds together mates for years be they band of brothers or girls night out.

C. S. Lewis described four types of love: Affection, Friendship, Eros and Charityand while the greetings card shops on the high street may make a fortune this month with the first and third of those, its unlikely that many valentines will be bought by friends for friends.

But regardless, tell your friends that you love them, as often as you would tell your children or your loverfor friends, as Lewis says, care about the same truth as you. The accepted truth for me and my pals is that Monty Python, Bill Hicks and Blackadder are possibly the funniest and sagest things on Gods earth and as such must be quoted ad infinitum in social situations. Not the loveliest of traits I know, but I love them nonetheless.

If you do nothing else this month thats noteworthy or memorable, take a chance and tell someone that you love them. Whisper it when they least expect it, say it, as you look them in the eye, mutter it when theyre asleep spread-eagled across the entire mattress, shout it to them as you chase them along a grey windswept beach or chase them down the piste.

Go on, try those three tricky little words on the person opposite you now I love you.

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